Announcements for the week of August 23, 2015

What’s Happening at St. Andrew’s

The Week of August 23, 2015


Movie with a Message

The Legend of Bagger Vance


Woodcarvers 9:00 am

 Twin Lakes Choral Society 5:00 pm


Stitchers 9:00 am


Discretionary Fund Collection: All loose plate offerings (gifts not dedicated for pledge or building) this Sunday will be used to fund the Rector’s discretionary fund.

Embracing an Adult Faith: This week’s session from the video Embracing an Adult Faith by Marcus Borg on What it Means to be Christian will be on Community.  Please note that for this series, forum begins at 9:00 am.

Food Pantry Volunteers: The St. Andrew’s Food Pantry is needing some more volunteers to shop for groceries and work the pantry on Wednesdays from 9am-12 noon. If anyone is interested in donating their time to this worthy cause please contact Gail Alter.

Food Ingathering: August 30, 2015 is the date of our next ingathering. There are shopping list available in the Narthex. If everyone brings an item from the list once a month, it will make a huge difference. There are brown paper bags available in the red wagon (which is used to collect our donations) to help remind parishioners to bring food to the pantry.  We plan on blessing the food collected when the collection plates are presented at the altar on each food ingathering Sunday.

Looking Out for Each Other: It is important that as a church family we take care of one another.  If you notice that a member is not in church or stops coming please check on him/her.

Ozark Center of Hope: The Ozark Center of Hope is growing and branching out in many areas. They are in need of volunteers. If you are interested please contact the Ozark Center of Hope. More information of their volunteer needs is the narthex.

Vestry Highlights:  At this month’s meeting, the vestry began looking ahead toward next year’s budget, made plans for the Parish Meeting, scheduled a forum on Scriptures and Sexuality, and a plan was made to care for the albs.  A budget committee was established and the vestry made plans for the 2016 Pledge Drive.  At the Parish Meeting we will recognize our new members (we’ve had eleven people join the church so far this year) and provide information on all the ministry opportunities we have for members to get involved in the life of St. Andrew’s.  On September 20th, during Adult Forum, the rector will offer a forum on Scriptures and Sexuality and the Episcopal Church’s decision to perform same-gender couples marriages. Margaret Weeks will recruit members to care for our albs, and determine the need for additional albs.

Bluegrass Concert: The Annual Bluegrass Benefit Concert for Gamma House is scheduled for September 27, 2015 at 12:30 pm. We are needing volunteers for:

Silent Auction: we will have a silent auction

  • make a basket for the auction
  • donate items for a basket
  • donate money to be used to purchase items for a basket, donate gift certificate, etc.
  • seek donations from businesses for the silent auction

Baked Goods: we will sell Ziploc bags of cookies

  • make cookies
  • put together bags to sell
  • sell cookies during the concert

 Set up & Take down

  • set up items for silent auction & baked goods
  • set up tables
  • take down tables and clean up

There are signup sheets in the Narthex.

Upcoming Events at St. Andrew’s

Sunday August 30th

Food Ingathering

Tuesday Sept 1st

Citizen for Clean Water

Twin Lakes Choral Society

Cooking Matters

Wednesday Sept 2nd 

Healing Service

 Pub Theology

Thursday Sept 3rd

PEO Meeting

Saturday Sept 4th

DOK Meeting

Sunday Sept 20th

Forum: Scriptures & Sexuality

Sunday September 27th

Blue Grass Concert