Announcements for the Week of November 12, 2017

What’s Happening at St. Andrew’s

The Week of November 12, 2017


Sun 12 Gene Crawford+, Celebrant
Adult Forum:“Eager to Love” by Fr. Richard Rohr, Preface and Chapter 1 9:15 AM
Tue 14 Woodcarvers 9:00 AM
Book Discussion Group 12 Noon
Worship Committee 1 PM
Wed 15 Stitchers 9:00 AM
    Area Art Club 9:00 AM
    Search Committee 4:00 PM
    Pub Theology 5:30 PM
Thu 16 Choir Practice 5:00 PM




Worship Leaders:

November 12 – Gene Crawford+

November 19 – Anne Carriere+


Upcoming Events at St. Andrew’s


November 24 – Thanksgiving Day (office closed)

November 26 – Christ the King Sunday/DoK Installation of new members

November 30 – The Feast of St. Andrew potluck and church get-together.

December 2 – Daughters of the King regular meeting

December 16 – Daughters of the King Quiet Day




STEWARDSHIP: The number of pledge cards handed or sent out numbered 74.  45 are returned.  29 are Outstanding.

To set a budget and to begin the work of the search committee we need everyone to respond.  If you are one of the 29, please respond no later than this Sunday, November 12.


THANKKSGIVING DAY:  All are invited to April Baily’s home for Thanksgiving Day dinner, if you have no place better to be (i.e. family, close friends, other loved ones).  April will provide a ham, wine, tea and coffee; attendees are asked to bring a side dish and anything else they might like to drink.  Dinner will be at 1 PM.  Let April know if you can attend; is her email, 870-421-5395 is her cell.


DOK QUIET DAY – The Daughters of the King will sponsor a Quiet Day on Saturday, December 16, 9 AM to 2 PM.  Jos Tharakan+ will celebrate a Eucharist and lead participants in a series of meditations and opportunities to reflect on Advent.  Everyone is invited to participate; feel free to bring your friends and neighbors as well.  A soup and bread luncheon will be provided.