Announcements for Week of September 03, 2017

What’s Happening at St. Andrew’s

The Week of September 3, 2017



Sun 3 Jos Tharakan+, Celebrant
Tues 5 Woodcarvers 9:00 AM
    Citizens for Clean Water Noon
Wed 6 Stitchers 9:00 AM
    Healing Service Noon
Thu 7 PEO 11:30 AM
Fri 8 Prayer Group 12:30 PM
Sat 9 Men’s Breakfast 7:30 AM
    Building & Grounds 9:15 AM



Worship Leaders:

September 10 – Jos Tharakan+

September 17 – Bob Williams+

September 24 –    Gene Crawford+


Upcoming Events at St. Andrew’s


September 10 – Ministry Fair & Breakfast Nibbles

September 10 – Catechesis Children’s Church Resumes

September 12 – Book Group – Hope Personified, by Martha Abbey Miller

September 17 – Bluegrass and BBQ-Signup to help (in the Narthex)

September 23 – Bridge Bash

September 27 – Food Ingathering-you can donate $ if you prefer


 Link for assisting victims of Hurricane Harvey.


 CARING FOR EACH OTHER – Come enjoy each other’s company while learning more about the various ministry opportunities at St. Andrews. Get your questions answered:  What does the Altar Guild do? ~~Does Education for Ministry (EFM) mean I’m studying for the clergy?  ~~I’d like to sing along, but I can’t reach the high notes! ~~What happens in a Healing Service? ~~Do I have to know how to use the coffee maker to be a “coffee host?” And MORE!


BRIDGE BASHPlease join our food packing team for the Bridge Bash at Big Spring Park Cotter, Arkansas on Saturday, September 23.  Info is available in the Narthex. Forms need to be submitted by Sunday, September 3rd. You may make a cash donation to the Food Bank.  All money raised by St. Andrew’s will be credited to our account. Please use the proper form.


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